MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together

Data Search Portal Overview

Welcome to the MO DIRT Data Search Portal. Here you have access to the soil health survey data collected by the citizen scientists of MO DIRT since 2015. This data includes measurements of physical, chemical, and biological soil health indicators from different sites in the state of Missouri. The sites represent natural habitats (forest, woodland, prairie) and anthropogenic habitats (cropland, animal pasture, grassland (abandoned field, hay field)). Depending on the soil health indicator, these variables have been measured once a year, twice a year, or monthly between the months of February and November.
You can search and download the data based on site location or habitat type. See instructions below. The searched data is presented in a table where each row represents a soil survey organized by collection site (Site ID). The columns in the table represent site description parameters or soil health indicators (variables).
This data has been screened for errors. However, it is possible that you may find inconsistencies. We will appreciate if you let us know any suggestions about the data at To learn how the data was collected, visit the Data Portal website. Click here to access the Soil Health Survey Manual, the Data Entry Manual, and the Habitat Guide.