MO DIRT: Missourians Doing Impact Research Together


Saint Louis Public Schools STEM Day Camp

June 15, 2018

Students from St. Louis Public Schools attended a STEM day camp at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

MO DIRT worked with students on the Living Soil activity, which introduces young learners to soil organisms, the soil food web, and soil ecology.

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Scientific Retreat

May 30, 2018

MO DIRT presented a poster titled 'MO DIRT - A citizen science project to monitor soil health in Missouri: Soil respiration in natural and anthropogenic habitats and its relationship to soil temperature and water content' at the annual Donald Danforth Plant Science Center scientific retreat at the YMCA Trout Lodge & Camp Lakewood.

Earth Day at Prairie Fork

May 9, 2018

Elementary school students from the area went to Prairie Fork to participate in Earth Day activities.

Students learned about soil organisms and the soil food web through the MO DIRT Living Soil activity, which teaches students to identify various organisms in the soil, their place in the food web, and their ecological significance.

Maritz Green Fair

May 8, 2018

MO DIRT participated of the Maritz Green Fair with an exhibit on physical, chemical and biological soil parameters and opportunities in citizen science monitoring soil health.